Who Is Erin Carter Wiki, Cast, Release Date and Trailor

Who Is Erin Carter Wiki: “Who is Erin Carter” is a Netflix series based on the life of a British expat teacher living in Barcelona. This series was released on August 24 2023. Here are the details about the cast, trailer and release date of “Who is Erin Carter”.

Who Is Erin Carter Wiki

“Who is Erin Carter” is a British crime action thriller limited series with seven episodes. Each episode is 30-60 minutes long. The series is based on the life of a British expatriate teacher living in Barcelona. All the actors involved in this series have played well.

The “Who is Erin Carter” Netflix series is directed by Ashley Way, Savina Delicour and Bill Eagles and written by Jack Lothian. The series premiered on August 24 2023, in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Who Is Erin Carter Cast

Actor Role
Evin Ahmad Erin carter
Sean Teale Jordi Carter
Indica Waston Harper Cartor
Denise Gough Lena
Douglas Henshall Denial Lang
Jamie Bamber TBA

Other Casts

Susannah Fielding Alexia Hortal Ana Ularu
Nuria Deulofeu Charlotte Vega Lee Byford
Andy Lucas Michael T. Dozie Pep Ambros
Kian Noam Omurca Amin Hamada Catherine Ayers
Sue Flack Lan Burfield Josef Altin

Who Is Erin Carter Release date

“Who is Erin Carter” will be released on Netflix on August 24, 2023. All seven series episodes are now available on Netflix after dropping on the streaming site on Thursday.

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Who Is Erin Carter Trailor

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